OBS – kommende IPA kurs på Gimborn – OBS

Ta en kikk på høstens kurs, dette er utdrag fra seminar og kurs som går denne høsten på vårt kurssenter Gimborn.

7 – 11.10 – 2019

Islam and Europe – Islamisation or Peaceful Co-existence?Hardly a trace is left of shared European values; talk of a crumbling Europe is spreading. Can we say that conservative Islam constitutes a “challenge” to Europe, and if so, in which areas and with which effects? Are fears of infiltration by Islam of European democracies justified? Do the parallel societies of “family clans” in European cities herald the impending frag- mentation of European polity? Are there prospects for the emergence of some form of “Euro-Islam” or is liberal Islam a vani- shingly small factor beside the authoritari- an Islamist currents? These topics will be brought up for discussion through lectures, and participants will be able to acquire deeper insights and assess possible future developments.

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14 – 18.10 – 2019

The Use of Non Lethal Weapons within the Police: TASER

Police officers have the legal authority to use force in various situations, such as when they seek to protect themselves and the public, make an arrest, overcome resistance, or gain control of a potentially dangerous situation. The seminar deals with questions about when TASER should be used, to what extend it should be used as an alternative to lethal weapons, and also as an alternative to other less lethal weapons. It will also inform about use and impact of TASER.
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21-25.10 – 2019

Virtual Reality Training for Emergency Services: Understanding the technology,the benefits and current/future applicationsTerror attacks, crisis and disasters ask for self-perceived disaster readiness of first responder units, which makes effective training a cornerstone preparation in the matter. Virtual Reality training based on technological approaches has become an important asset to traditional trainings. The seminar focuses on Virtual Reality training as an adjunct to traditional real-life drills. An experienced terrorist expertwill introduce the latest developments in Virtual Reality trainings. The state of the art in this specific field will be presented and discussed and the participants get the chance to take part in simulations.

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5 – 29.11 – 2019

Violence Around Football Games –Ultras and Hooligans in the Orbit of Football Games.Football has become more than just a sport event. For a reasonable number of fan the sport event has turned into an event of violence. Fans who just want to enjoy a match as well as police in charge of security around the stadium have to bear the consequences. The seminar focuses on the courses and developments of football related violence and racism. The policing of football hooliganism and the measures taken in term of preventing violent behavior will be addressed and discussed in the seminar.

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9 – 13.12 – 2019

Terrorism – A Threat to Freedom and Security
The threat from terrorist violence is one of the biggest challenges to security policy since the end of WW2, and has grown
into an international problem since the turn of the century. Operating on a world scale, Islamist terrorism has dominated discussions of security policy since 9/11. National revolutionary terrorist acts like the ones committed by the NSU (Germany) or by the Norwegian Anders Breivik are further terrorist threats to liberal pluralist societies. The seminar looks at the concept of terrorism, the goals of terrorists, and the processes that can lead to radicalisation. The types of terrorism that currently represent threats to freedom and security are examined based on examples from global terror net- works. Possibilities forcombating terrorism will be discussed. The participants will debate the balance of freedom and security in times of terrorist threat.

|IPA Members: 300 €