Ipa Liverpool og Merseyside 70 års jubileum, vennskapsuke – aug til sept 2020

Ipa UK ønsker deg som ipa medlem velkommen til vennskapsuke i Liverpool. Se program for mer.

On behalf of Section UK, please find attached an invitation to their upcoming Liverpool & Merseyside Friendship Week, as part of IPA UK’s 20 in 2020, to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

The event will be held between 25th August and 2nd September 2020 in conjunction with the Famous International Beatles Week in Liverpool. This, latter event,  attracts more than 70 Bands from across the World and generates a great atmosphere with Open Air Events throughout the City Centre all of which are free to attend.

For those interested, please contact Danny Gidman at dgidman.lpoolmers3ipa@yahoo.com or George Durno at gdurno.lpoolmside3ipa@gmail.com

1. Liverpool_and_Merseyside_Friendship_Flyer